New project & blog resurrection

It’s been literally years since I don’t write on this blog. I’ve been very busy since then on work stuff, which will now allow me to write more interesting stuff than what I could write back at 2012 or 2013 😀

The reason I’m resurrecting this blog is because I have decided to work on remaking Liberation Day (gameplay here, a turn base strategy game from 1998. This game is also known as Fallen Haven 2, since it’s the second part of a more famous title, also turn based strategy game.

I plan to create a github repository with the game and tools related to it, as soon as there’s something worth to share.

EDIT: you can find the repository here.

This project has many challenges, which will require me to learn a lot of new things, that will probably be well suited for blog posts.

I hope this blog will also be a good way to have somebody interested on working on this with me, so this project is not only something I work on weekends when I have some time to spare, but something bigger.

I’ll keep you posted!